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Rann Utsav 2018 - Desert Festival of Gujarat
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A Guide to Kutch Rann Utsav 2017-2018: All You Need to Know Before You Go to Kutch

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Posted on: 07/12/17

"Kutch nahi dekha toh kuch nahi dekha"! (Haven't seen Kutch then you haven't seen anything) - This line sounds sort of a half of any different state tourism marketing venture but things are a bit totally different during this case. Once you see the glistening white panorama of white sands across the blue horizons, you'll understand what I am talking regarding.

The Rann Utsav, organized by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited is a celebration of the magnificence of life on the Rann of Kutch which is geographically most unique and culturally, a lot of dazzling than you can ever imagine unless you have return in the flesh with it. Hogging to looking, the festivities here have you ever lined from every direction. The experience is......well, I do not have a word for it because it can't be described in words. You extremely want to determine it to understand how I feel right currently.

This grand fiesta is a winter jamboree that happens when the air is crisp and also the moon is at its fullest best. It is usually a 1 month fiesta but just like all smart things are preferred to be held onto for as long as attainable, the Kutch Rann Utsav 2017 is no totally different. The Rann utsav 2017- 2018 celebrations for example begin at the start of December and end in the primary week of March.

Where Does it Take Place?

Starting in Bhuj, the festival covers the whole district whereby the grand finale is place up at the primary destination of the tent city close to a little village called Dhordo. Dhordo is definitely approachable from Bhuj. Bhuj incorporates a tiny airport from where Dhordo is 86 KMs.

The spectacular Rann of Kutch is the largest flatbed of endless white sands. This is often where they celebrate the competition of life. This whole land-stretch stays covered in water until two months before December but when winter comes, the Kutch is infused with life. Its almost just like the white desert was hibernating until currently.

The Amenities

The wonderfully organized tent town at Dhordo provides you with every doable amenity that you can think of. Room-heaters and air-conditioners to a 24/7 supply of hot water in the middle of the desert, you will need for nothing when faced with the acute temperatures of Kutch. No detail has been left unaddressed here, no requirement unanswered. Apart from the 400 tents, the 'city' encompasses a market place, an exhibition centre, an adventure zone and a couple of huge dining halls.


The market here can create your heads dizzy I tell you. It's because the sea of extraordinary selections will leave you thus dazzled and confused at the identical time that it would possibly be a bit difficult for you to handle. You are liberated to feast your eyes on the exquisite hand crafted articles of Gujarat in general and Kutch in specific; there's masses of intricate Kutchi embroidery all around, attractive block-printed materials, beautiful leather articles, beautiful siverware and deftly crafted ornaments. Buy as a lot of as you wish to.

The Exhibition

The exhibition centre showcases the vibrant, culture, past and traditions of Kutch. Barren they say the land is however its hard to wrap one's head around the concept as a result of you're certain to feel the heartbeat of Kutch after you come back to the Rann Utsav. Yes, you browse that right. Heartbeat it is!

The Fabulous Food

Foodies, hold it right there! I apprehend that you simply shall wish to jump on the food whilst you get here. Surprisingly, individuals who are not 'foodies' per se are quite at risk of doing the same factor as a matter of truth. The a pair of huge dining halls serve scrumptuous authentic Kutchi delicacies. Foodies will need to indulge their insatiable appetites and hungry style buds at all hours and the organizers of the RannUtsav recognize that only too well. Hence, you've got food corners where you'll indulge yourself even at the most odd hours possible.


The journey zone caters to the tiny children and also the bid kids all alike. Adults are but huge children and that become all the additional clear after you see them here. However, the bikers have something extraordinarily cool in store for them. You'll be able to arrange for a solo ride on the desert on a DPV (Desert Patrol Vehicle). Its like riding a snazzy bike into the sunset, solely this can be a lot of additional exhilarating.

The Gorgeous Cultural Performances

The evenings are for you to soak in the culture. This time is for you to relish the good performances by the local artists. You'll carry the tunes in your heart for long afterwards. I guarantee that. The dances outline the word 'dazzling'. If you haven't seen those, you are doing not grasp the true which means of dazzling nevertheless.

All of this can be spread over an area of 1.5 million square meters. Its a good combination of the modern and therefore the ancient & rustic.


The tent city does symbolize the spirit of Kutch however there is so much additional to it. You will never understand this till you have got explored the corners of Kutch and seen things with your eyes. The Rannotsav sojourne has plenty to offer to the visitors. You might select a tantalizing camel safari and once you have finished exploring the desert from a camel's purpose of read, you'll be able to go 'bird' on Kutch. The answer is straightforward. 'Hot air ballooning'. The expertise is such that you just shall never recover. I use the word 'recover' as a result of you will face a perpetual compulsion to keep talking concerning it afterwords. You should attend the Kutch carnival in the dead of night. It is special as a result of it's a lot of colourful than you'll imagine being created up of every vibrant hue that forms life in this magnificent salt desert. You'll take every day trip to the beach at Mandvi and see the blue horizons kiss the sky. Do visit the Indo-pak border and don't forget to say hi to the birds at Narayan Sarovar and Chari Dhand. You can spend a whole day visiting nearby villages moreover. Bhirandiyra, Khavda, Gandghi-Nugam or Hodka, they are all known for his or her wonderful workshops. This is where they create magic on fabrics. If you would like in contact witness to the creation of beauty, this is often the place. Lastly, don't miss the Kala Dungar. Photographers, this one's particularly for you. You cannot afford to own visited Kutch and missed that out.

Rendezvous with the Moon

Lastly, create sure you pay a part of the night outside your tent. The Rann of Kutch on a full-moon night is.......I don't understand how to explain it. Suffice it to mention that it can modification your life forever. No camera, no artist, no genius can reproduce a moon washed salt desert like Kutch. It beats replication!

Where to stay

Accommodations are offered at the venue by approach of Swiss tents and Luxury tents. The nearby villages also offer places to stay. These are ethnic huts referred to as Bunga built to suit any urban tourist. The GTDC hotels are quite nice. There are many resorts at Dhordo and if you want to measure within the closest doable proximity to the Tent City, then 'Gateway to Rann' may be a resort you may love to put up at.

Things to remember

Book your Rann Utsav ten at least 3 Months in advance.

You shall need a government pass to visit Kutch thanks to its proximity to the border. Passes are easily out there at the checkpost in Bhirandiyra. You shall want passes for all days and its sufficient if one member of the group features a photo-ID at hand.

It typically does not matter much whether or not or not you have got an AC tent to yourself. The nights are freezing for which you shall be provided a heater in spite of everything. Besides, the tents are anyway cooler compared to the blazing heat outside within the mornings.

The inauguration faces an enormous rush of visitors. Therefore, it's advisable to reach early at the Bhuj station (in case you're travelling by rail) wherefrom the pick-ups are organized for.

It's best to arrange for a private taxi to succeed in the venue if you wish a comfortable journey to the place.

Do keep a ear out for the announcements at the venue that are made in Gujarati and Hindi.

Reaching the place

For air travel, you would like to require a flight to Bhuj and travel to the venue from there.

There's a train referred to as the Kutch Express that leaves from Mumbai, travels via Ahmedabad and goes up to Gandhinagar wherefrom the venue is to be reached by road. You may take an immediate train to Bhuj yet.

The place is very commutable by roads. There are many buses out there from Ahmedabad and Bhuj as from the other major cities of the state. Taxis are quite easy to arrange for.

You should visit the Rann Utsav as a result of it is one among a sort. Its vibrant and its fantastic however more than something else, it's a that beats quite steadily.


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